Rape,dowry,foeticide-Modern times holocaust of the Indian women:part 1


Every 22 minutes a woman is raped in India, every 90 minutes a bride is burnt alive! out of every 10 women 7 have been sexually harassed, female foeticide status at a all time best ,945 females per 1000 males and honor killings reported at least a 1000 every year. and the icing on the cake, India is on the number 4 Th position in the list for most dangerous countries for women giving tough competition to Afghanistan and  Congo. WOW!!! Not convinced watch this- NIRBHAYA

Many of us must have come across these famous lines,”water water everywhere,not a drop to drink” Yes that’s the state of rapes in India, every where whether you are rich or poor doesn’t matter ,whether you are young or old doesn’t matter, maybe the policies of government for population control or illiteracy eradication may not have access to the cross section of people in the country but the objectification of woman is a common theme for all. Right from the daily wage labor class to the factory workers to employees of MN C’s ,the first thing men notice about an individual is her gender and then the vicious circle of teasing ,harassment and rape starts.In India being a woman is a curse! You think I am overreacting then please watch this.

Mostly  they will kill you in the womb itself or if you are successful in taking birth,then you had it.Right from the discrimination at home where you will be competing for food ,clothing and education with your brothers or fathers or uncles,to the widespread unreported sexual abuse by the same men folk, you would also be taught by the women folk what you are not suppose to do since you are a female, yes you got it right a list of d  o’s and dont’s is handed to every little girl in India and yes her ears are pierced even before she starts speaking because she is a girl and it is her duty to become beautiful even when she is still running around in her diapers!



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It’s my Fifth birthday!


Five years ago, I made a tryst to keep the revolution going and here is Indian Women Revolution Movement(IWRM) completing it’s five years . This has only happened because of the immense love and appreciation of all my readers who are spread over in 94 different nations. I thank each and everyone of you for your time and effort . I also hope, I keep you engaged with my blog in the future too.

As a token of my appreciation ,I am giving away five copies of the book “Reclaiming Chai , Getting Over Straps & Other Rants”.

To claim your copy you just have to write something about Indian Women Revolution Movement and the five best entries will receive the book .

If you wish to participate do write to me @ iman4@outlook .com .

Happy reading and long live the revolution!

How to get a Bikini Body?


How to get a Bikini Body?

This question after, how the universe was made ,is the the most flabbergasting.

But don’t you worry after years and years of research , surveys , going through ancient textbooks ,massive astrological data with an in-depth study of culture religion ,politics , philosophy and of course not to forget the genesis of the medical sciences finally mankind has found the answer to ,at least the latter question of how to get a bikini body?

But before revealing the answer ,I would really like to enumerate the benefits of wearing a bikini;

Firstly ,this piece or pieces of garment is absolutely food friendly .It doesn’t matter if you had a heavy breakfast or lunch or are just feeling a little bloated it just doesn’t judge or try to press your stomach inside or leave a mark on the skin in the process. It simply hangs there by the strings giving ample space and time to your oh not so lovely ,slim ,washboard (in fantasy )abs.

Secondly don’t even bother to keep them on under water , you could just fling it along the coast because guess what inside the water nobody can see you so with or without a bikini is your freedom to choose.

Finally the Bikini doesn’t judge you like most of the people or figure hugging garments . It just lets you be no matter your shape or size or whatever because guess what it is not going to stand up and fat shame you . On the contrary it will let you see the parts of you which you had always hidden and more so make you a person who doesn’t give a damn .

For the people who judge-What you can see a pound of flesh here or there or may be a dozen pounds or maybe cellulite, so what’s the great deal – a body is made of flesh dodo! The bikini doesn’t give a damn so why do you , maybe the starvation of fats has led your body to eat up your grey cells:)whatever little there were because that department of yours looks a bit like the Kalahari desert.

So the answer is here

One ,You have a body

Two,You just have to buy a Bikini

Or maybe you can skip point number two completely and go skinny dipping

Three, Wear your Fuck you all attitude and remember all the magazines , articles , advertisements , influencers, fashion models and whichever jackass who tells you that you have to have a

Bikini Body to wear a Bikini

Common man it’s not like we are going to space and it needs getting used to a space suit. After all it is just a cover for our private parts which we want to hide publicly!

So go ahead hit the water,hit it hard and with it hit all the fat shaming , body shaming and other retarded techniques of pulling women down.The Bikini shall be the wheels of change.

Fifth Blogaversary Giveaway Contest


On the occasion of the fifth anniversary of our blog we are giving away five copies of the book “Reclaiming Chai,Getting Over Straps & Other Rants” to the best five reviews for any Write up featured on http://www.indianwomenrevolutionmovement.wordpress.com

To enter just choose any write up from our blog IWRM and write a review on it.The best five entries will get a copy each of the book RCGOSAOR and also these entries will be featured on the Blog IWRM as well.

Last date to submit is 02June 2019.Please email your entries on iman4@outlook.com.

The winners will be announced on 04 June 2019, the fifth blogaversary of IWRM.

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The Legging Revolution & Nighty Brigade

Well well well , once again the question is

To be or not to be!

Women as we are and as we know ,how sexualised our body is and how much moral policing is done.

Right from the nape of the neck to the belly button everything is supposedly sexy.

Women’s legs in thigh – calf hugging legging is highly provocative so is a free flowing nighty or maxi!

The very fact that anything which shows the silhouette of a female is considered armed and dangerous for our society of men who have no control over themselves.

But the ever green saree with the midriff and cleavage show is perfectly fine and very culturally appropriate. Not to forget the deep neck front and back suit is also too Indian to be criticised

The thing is ,whenever a woman uses her agency to say or do anything or for that matter uses her attire as a statement, every Tom Dick and Harry jumps on the bandwagon of policing women’s bodies.

What is it that makes us a nation so uncomfortable at the sight of a nighty or leggings?

Why have we sexualised the woman body so much that even her wearing normal clothes titillate men and gives them public orgasms!

News flash – women have not taken birth to assuage men’s desire of sex.

Sex as we know is not a man’s right but a privilege extended by a woman to a man.

Not the other way round ,like men think they are entitled to sex to the extent that even the law in this country thinks so thereby not making martial rape a criminal offence!

Such are the times we Indian women live through these idiosyncrasies but let me be very clear ,Indian women have rebelled and not in armours this time but in leggings and nighties.

And if it is too difficult for the thick heads to understand why women have chosen leggings and nighties over sarees and suits , the answer is simple -comfort.

India being a tropical country is hot and humid so the practicality of wearing garments which are low maintenance and airy is paramount. The boundaries of class , caste and religion has been easily transcended by the leggings and nighties more that any other movement has permeated making it nothing short of a revolution.

Just too bad that you don’t like the sight.

But what to do this is not a Karan Johar movie or a Sabyasachi trousseau

This is the life of an ordinary Indian woman who fights everyday bit by bit inching towards her empowerment.

Indian Women Smashing Stereotypes


On the occasion of Women’s day we must remember the Indian Women achievers who have not only entered the male bastions but furthered the cause of Indian women empowerment. Indian Women Revolution Movement had done a series on such achievers during the course of last year which has been compiled here for the ease of the readers. A very happy women’s day to all!


A poetry collection which explores the illusion of love, the carnage of betrayal and its aftermath, the process of self-discovery and self-love and the emergence of a new self, who has walked through the fires of life.

AGNIDIKSHA presents “Aftermath Of A Carnage” now available for pre-order on Amazon.com

Releasing on 04 March 2019!