Rape,dowry,foeticide-Modern times holocaust of the Indian women:part 2


So you have grown from a baby to a young girl,welcome to the land of gropers and eve-teasers. Even before a girl starts to realize about her puberty she is forced to realize she has a body which needs to be hidden at all times by the men who keep undressing every school-college going girl by their eyes (what a unique talent I must say)and whenever they get an opportunity they touch her ,grope her and many a times molest her. Whats her fault she is born a woman or maybe it is.And with that goes the right of a woman over her own body down the drain. She has no clue that her body has suddenly become public property with every Tom Dick and Harry claiming a piece over it. Is int it fantastic not to have a right on your own body. If you happen to be in the wrong place in the wrong time in the wrong dress as they like to call it then you will be raped, in the name of religion ,caste ,power or just that you caught the fancy of some pervert! That’s it , that’s the end of life for you my dear, because now the real game begins. As a society we have a big problem with the rape victim ,ya you got it right with the rape victim but not with rape because many a times you will see our so called leaders dropping in lines like young men tend to do such things!And then all your life you will be victimized,traumatized, publicized as if you were a serial killer or something.And then there are the very unfortunate cases like Nirbhaya where victims were brutally murdered.

Or if you were fortunate enough to not to go through all this then most probably by the age of 21 to 25 you will be married and of course with a big cheque of penalty, the penalty of being a woman or maybe the advance fees given to the man who decides to keep you in his house under his protection. And then you are doomed to a life of non-existence,sacrificing yourself for the betterment of your husband’s family and duty bound to give him the next generation of the all so mighty men. And if you fail to that then its his wish whether he wants to keep you or leave you or maybe ask for more penalty from your parents or you will be burnt to death. And I am not exaggerating, every 90 minutes a bride is burnt in India.this also happens to be a very big reason behind female foeticide as parents equate a girl child with dowry.But I wonder what will happen that day, when everyone will have boys and no girls.This indiscriminate killing of girl child is a kind of genocide and we as a society are trying to play God. Hitler would have been very pleased with himself !


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