Being Sherlocked: Brain on an overdrive!


Cant sleep, cant eat , can only think. Strange things are happening these days.I think hunger and sleep deprivation does really make you mad or creative or both or feminist, LOL, and what stupid sense of humor is that I possess ,laughing on my own muddled up lines.Some would call it showoff, others a method to this madness but what to do when the universe plucks you from your cozy little life and throws you in this chaotic madness of reality of suffering , suffering , suffering.(too much suffering in words and in life too!)


I can literally see words running on a scroll in front of me, ideas thoughts gushing out of nowhere and painting themselves like colors on a canvas .Just like Sherlock I can see words, I can see ideas.(I m Sherlocked!)
And such is the speed that the moment I try and jot it down they all get jumbled up as their originating speed versus my writing speed is just no match.But I need do something, I need to get it all out ,all in the space . They all want out, they all want to be written ,all visualized .


There is so much to do and so little time. There are so may people who are sleeping, need to be awakened. There are so many wrongs which have to be made right. Gosh I need more than 24 hours in a day. Something is awakening, something is coming. Lots to do, a movement is coming. So many skeletons of humanity waiting to be found.Everyone talks about problems faced by women, discusses woman right issues but what about solutions? And more than that what about execution and implementation?


Women are not just a pair of F****ing b**bs and a h**e walking on two legs, they are more than that and they deserve to be treated better. Do not you worry if you cannot treat us right because we will make sure you do. The revolution is coming! And I ain’t a spectator or a reporter, I have been through it, have survived it and still surviving. It is not easy to be a woman in a country like India and that too when you are not a fool, when you can see things and see beyond those things.Ignorance used to be bliss not anymore, time is up, show’s over,got to go and make a difference.



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