Maleficent rape culture


Its true all men are not rapists but all rapists are men especially in countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh.Its also true that when a man decides to rape ,he chooses to rape ,yes its a choice ,nobody forces him nor it is for survival or in self-defense. But when a woman is raped she neither chooses it nor she deserves it .And every time a woman is raped we ask all the wrong questions; what was she wearing , what was she doing at that place,why she was alone, why she was out at night and bang comes the explanations too , she was wearing shorts or short skirt(short skirts and shorts are supposed to be short,aren’t they?), she asked for it, she was drunk, she deserves it. I mean what kind of a country are we , leave alone what kind of people are we ,where is our humanity.Instead of standing in support of the victim we backlash at them and completely forget about the perpetuater.


And how many times this has to be repeated ,rape is not a sexual crime its a gender crime.And it is heinous and hideous . No man and I repeat no man has the right to destroy a woman’s life her self-esteem and self-confidence. Rape is not committed in a moment, when someone rapes, he rapes a woman of her life, dignity and future. And the rape culture in which we live in, not only permits the rapist to escape but also counter argues for them by saying these things like shit happen and boys will be boys.


And rape culture is not a typical third world country problem, because all around the globe women are fighting date rapes and campus rapes. So grave is the impact of this culture that even a Disney movie could not escape from its Maleficent clutches!Its high time we started asking the right questions and instead of blaming women for rape , start teaching men not to rape.Instill in little boys that real men do not rape women.Or very soon the time will come when women will be forced to become vigilantes.


This rape culture is no good ,its taking us back from where we came, back to being animals.Its pure evil !!!

Rape culture

Rape culture


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