Slavery of Women in a Parallel Universe!


Right from the 1500 s till 2007 most of the countries have abolished slavery. So officially slavery does not exist.
Slavery still exists, it exists for the Indian women, specifically the Indian wives.And it is a very strange kind of slave trade because men in our country are paid huge sums to take women as their slaves in the name of wives.And such loyalty in these times,I must say women here also prove to be very good.
As a wife it is her duty to first leave her house and move to her In-Laws house.Where she is supposed to forget everything she has learn t in her house and live according to the customs and traditions of her In-laws. And yes all customs and traditions in India are men-centric but only women are supposed to follow them.Hilarious!
However qualified or good she may be but if she does not cook and clean after her husband and In-laws, if she does not rear children , if she does not follow what is expected out of her then she is useless and needs to be thrown out of the house. And in doing all this she has to sacrifice everything, her career, her happiness, her independence, her right to be treated as a human being ,her identity and even her name.
And the worst part of course is that women knowingly enter into this kind of an arrangement so that they can at least live, leave alone a life! It seems that women are waiting all their lives for this chain to be hung around their necks and then carry this burden to their graves.


Strange times are these when in one part of the world, women are rallying for campaigns like “Free the Nipple” ingesting new life to the now so dead feminist movement in the western world and rewriting the discarded princesses stories which were too bold for Disney. Telling that Sleeping Beauty was raped by the king while she was asleep and that’s what woke her up, I wonder what will it take for this part of the world to wake up to that part of the world, where women are still suffering in silence so that at least they can survive even at the cost of lifelong slavery. I had read about the parallel universe, now I am seeing it!



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