Beauty the Real Beast


Women and beauty have been synonymous from time immemorial .In every culture, religion and country its the woman’s forte of wooing a man with her beauty and her birth right to look beautiful. Strangely enough this is the other way round in the animal kingdom. The male woos the female through his beauty or talent or strength and its the prerogative of the female to mate or decline ,so that ways we are going against nature. A woman is always judged by the way she looks or by the colour of her skin or the size of her assets .In today’s world beauty has totally taken up a new dimension and has become the beast of every woman’s life, from body shaming to body shaping to the endless procedures and products to look beautiful , young and wrinkle free ,it seems as if the world would come to an end if all women decided to throw their makeup and humankind would be pushed into the darkness of stone ages if women stopped fitting the bill of the so called” perfect women”.

beauty 1

Around 97% of women have “hate my body moments” each day and only 5% of women have the so called perfect bodies shown in ads and magazines and thriving on this body image disorder is the dieting industry with a yearly turnover of whooping 55.4 billion dollar.That is not all,59% of girls between the ages 14-18 are trying to lose weight when they should actually be eating a balanced diet to grow up into healthy individuals.And the icing on the cake is that 81% of ten year olds are afraid of getting fat and 24 million women are suffering from eating disorders.Recently, Maybelline has launched rubber masks for the perfect face.
Whoooo!!! where are we heading? is the question we all need to ask


Why beauty is so important when we all know it is superficial and serves only one purpose that we like looking at beautiful people and things.And the very fact that human beings are wired by mother nature to get attracted towards beauty for the sole purpose of attracting the right mate, then why beauty has become so important as if being beautiful was a virtue.Being beautiful, tall, slim or fair is something very genetic and most of us know that, still instead of wanting to be honest and kind and good human beings ,why are we striving to become only beautiful instead of all the other virtues which are essential for the human race to survive.

beauty 3

In this age of consumerism where everyone especially actors , life coaches and sportsmen are branded and sold as products, beauty too is a product for the profit seeking, money making, business moguls and women need to understand this.As if being born a woman was not enough that she is expected to be beautiful also, even at the cost of her sanity ,is hilarious and just a propaganda of the money minting capitalists.We have to understand that ,this is a kind of madness, beauty madness being perpetuated for profit making and this is making us nothing but beautiful beasts.What kind of beauty is this ,that makes people beasts and how can something which makes us beasts be beautiful!!!!


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