The Female Flesh!



29.8 million people are modern day slaves! The shocking data for us and the harsh day to day reality for them .These people are the victims of human trafficking, of which 50% are children.And yes of course rest of these victims are female.The irony of course is the sex of female which on one hand is the biggest consumer base for many industries like fashion and beauty and on the other hand this very sex is the sole reason for women being the biggest target group of human traffickers.How just being born a woman translates her life from being the epitome of beauty and fashion to the continuous onslaughts of pimps and buyers of human flesh.Right from the glitzy runways of New york and Milan to the dingy and dark brothels of Bangladesh to the harems of Saudi Arabia to the drug racket of Romania to the war zones of Herzegovina,one thing is common the sale of human flesh or to be more precise but at the cost of being grotesque ,the female flesh is at sale! Whether it is prostitution or pornography or strip clubs or sex slaves,most of these women are victims of their situations or are trapped.

In today’s world where most of us are consumed by the market economy and the only universal law at work seems to be romantic consumerism, the importance of a human life has gone down to mere dollars or in some cases even less.The objectification of women has taken a new dimension all together.Many will argue that prostitution is the oldest profession in the world and it helps to keep the society clean.Even some women would argue that its their body and they have a right to do what they please with it. But now it is forced sex labor more than a willful profession for some, where female bodies are not only sold but used in the labor market also and in many cases it ends in the sale of organs or forced surrogacy.Though slavery has been long abolished all over the world but not only it is still existing but thriving and is hiding in our communities , benefiting a handful of greedy people and being run by criminals who cash onto the basic animal instinct of other humans.The question we need to ask ourselves is where are we heading as a kind because without demand there is no supply and this supply will only stop when we stop buying what these people are selling to us- the female flesh!


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