Dear Facebook & Apple, What’s Wrong With You?


Capitalism is a pyramid scheme

20000 dollar benefit for elective egg freezing for women employees of Facebook and Apple.Wow! We work and we get paid and then we go home and live happily ever after.Wait happily ever after?No women go home and work there also and nobody pays for that and nobody should because women work for their families and themselves and that’s not productive for anyone else and in these times nobody gets paid for non-productive work.


But what about reproductive labour?Giving birth to children and raising them is also work but nobody pays women for that.The question is why?Because this is not just for their families but for the society,country and for the whole human race.


Women do a great service to mankind by keeping the race alive.And instead of paying women for such a great and essential work they are being asked to freeze their eggs so that they can clock in more hours of the so called “productive work”. It is high time the world realized that all this money,this technology,this development will become pointless if women stopped giving birth as there would be no next generation of humans and to carry it all forward we need real humans of flesh and blood not robots. To birth and raise children is an equally important and difficult task and women have been doing it from time immemorial. Such policies are very selfish and disenchanting for women because they tell a woman that her greatest power is her biggest obstacle .


Dear Facebook and Apple even today children are not made in factories and algorithms do not raise children or is it your way of telling women in some kind of your genius coding that only those women can work for you who choose to be childless. Another feather in your capitalist ,chauvinist thinking cap!



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