The F -WORD,the F -BOMB!


We are in the 21st century and it is actually amazing to see that there are people in this world who are still afraid of being called a Feminist! Then there are those who think it is time we did away with this dirty word” Feminism” because we do not need it any more ,it has become redundant.And then are some from the developed nations who call  it a third world problem! No it isn’t a third world problem, misogynist exist even in developed countries . And the icing on the cake was “TIME” magazine which wants to just ban the word forever. I do believe in freedom of speech and the right to have one’s own views.But here the question is larger than” I “and “you”.Here the question is of millions of human beings who are being tortured and killed or forced to live a life in abject suffering and fear just because they are from a particular gender and they all happen to be of the feminine sex always and every time.

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Feminism is not just a word, and definitely not a bomb! It is an idea, a way of life which advocates and encourages a society equal in all respects whether politically,socially or economically without any discrimination based on sex,gender,caste or class.Simple as that but  there are all sorts of myths about feminism, the most common being “men-hating women” and of course it is untrue like all myths.Women are born in the female sex which is biological and they have no control over it  but their lives become a living testimony of the gender based discrimination , exploitation and violence arising out of their gender which is nothing but a social construction,so the point of the matter is that all their lives they are battling with something which has been put on them by the society -the label of being a woman but termed as if they were born with it.Their sex becomes their greatest enemy.

feminism1                                            Feminism-1

Women are humans ,women are people  and that’s what feminism says for which it is  termed radical at many occasions. And we may not typify ourselves in terms like feminist or womanist or humanist but at the end of the day we all want to live and that’s what women also want ,they want to live without fear , discrimination,  exploitation ,subjugation , oppression or gender stereotyping.I have come across some of the most beautiful people in my life who are feminists and yes they are men,men who are proud to call themselves” feminist” ,real men with  beautiful minds and  a sensitive hearts!



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