Millions of women are being trafficked and are selling their bodies for ten rupees/not even a dollar or less in this country, 60 million women are missing because of female foeticide in India, Rape stories are everywhere,dowry is part of our tradition which makes dowry deaths a bit more inevitable and still the social media is filled with ideas of” respect women” that too coming from women and their logic being-  we leave our houses ,our families, our names and give men children ,look after their parents and them so men should respect us .But what actually is being done in our society is that slavery of one human is being glorified. And history of the world bears testimony to this fact that slaves were never treated as equals and they had to fight for their right .We women are too being treated like slaves and we should raise our voices for being treated as equal,and refuse to marry with dowry,and not be OK with eve-teasing,we should reclaim the public spaces and not hide in the comforts of our home.We should not need a Prince charming to live our life,and those who get a chance to study should study well and we should all strive to be financially independent.

It is time we took our lives in our hands and improve and free ourselves from the expectations of becoming that stereotype of the women ,the society imposes on us and instead become that women which we want to and are capable of. What hurts the most is seeing educated women accepting the life of slavery willingly.They are OK with going and staying with their husband’s family-what about your family? They are OK with changing their names-why, after all its your name ,your identity?They are OK with carrying symbols of being married-Really! Is marriage that big an accomplishment and if it is why only women need to display it?.And to top it all the mindset of living a life of a parasite .


Even before countries were born or religion came women were a prized commodity,yes commodity for pleasure and offspring.And before that women were creators and they were worshiped and feared for this.Imagine the human which has the ultimate power to create another human is being violated,discriminated,sold and killed in today’s world.Women are considered weak by others but many a times they themselves subject themselves to being ruled.


There are many women  who have broken these myths and have ventured in the male bastions and have emerged heroes.But we need more heroes, we need women to question what they are being taught and told.Please use your head and make use of the scientific enquiry .Read books, educate yourself and even if you do not agree with all this know one thing -that the women you see today or you have read about are not what we were or are born as but through the process of gender socialization we are molded in to what the society thinks and wants us to be, this is not who we are, this is not who we were meant to be! :




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