The Green Blood Women!!!


On the 66th Republic Day of India, when women officers of the Armed forces showed their might to the world, this poignant post needs to be read once again.

Indian Women Revolution Movement


Till now people would have thought that discrimination against women was limited to the mindsets of people or in the social customs and practices but this is a rather shocking fact about a government policy which still exists and is being followed till date by the Indian Army very religiously. The policy in question is that of , women officers of the Indian Army being forcefully retired after 14 years of service without any pension as minimum service of 15 years is required for pension where as their male counterparts can serve till 20 years and beyond. This happens in a country whose Constitution guarantees equality at workplace without any discrimination based on class,gender or sex.(Article 21 of the Constitution of India)

images 2

But few of these women officers decided to fight and this is what happened.The headlines of all the leading dailies of Saturday, March 13 th 2010,were praising theseā€¦

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