At the Cost of Women and the Case of Missing Actors!


Yes that’s Bollywood or the Hindi film industry as “they” like to call it where in” they” refers to the dynasties ruling Bollywood.Aamir Khan/Salman Khan/Ranbir Kapoor/Varun Dhawan//Karishma & Kareena Kapoor/Sonam Kapoor/Alia Bhatt/Bobby Deol/Fardeen Khan/Saif Ali Khan/Shahid Kapoor/Ajay Devgan/Ritesh Deshmukh/Akshay Khanna/Fardeen Khan/Farhan Akhtar/Puru Rajkumar/Jackie Bhagnani/Harman Baweja/Esha Deol/Abhishek Bachhan /Imraan Khan/Jaaved Jaffery,Tiger Shroff,Shradha Kapoor – just to name a few, all sons and daughters of actors or directors. The Khans ,the Kapoors and the Kumars have been on top of the number game for what seems forever and yes in Bollywood it is the number of crores that a movie makes at the box office is directly proportional to the success rating of the film and even  the number of awards its going to garner.Only those who belong to these dynasties make it in this place and some make it big like Aamir Khan and Salman Khan.They have made it so big that they can even make a script less film do wonders at the box office just by their immense star power(Wow, what wonderful use of power).One after the other ,nonsensical films are being made and rolled out like a factory producing war effects.More than a thousand films are made by Bollywood every year and maybe at best two or three films actually are films from the perspective of film making and artistic / creative sensibilities.As if this was not enough the kind of star kids who work in these big budget ,completely waste of time ,senseless movies, are on top of it not actors or very weak actors.Where are the Actors?A nation of more than one billion people can definitely do better than that! It seems their star parents invest money in these movies so that their kids are cast and  the money stays in the dynasty!


And finally the point which has made me write this post is of the objectification and co modification of women and especially the female body in Hindi films, which has become a big obstacle in the well being of women in India and a big hurdle for the cause of women freedom and empowerment.Women in Hindi films are portrayed as objects of desire  who can be pursued by any Tom Dick and Harry till she gives in ,and mind you stalking and voyeurism are crimes in India.Then there is the blatant exploitation of the female anatomy by skewed camera angles , provocative dance moves, double meaning lyrics and skimpy clothing suggesting every male in the society that a woman’s body is public property and up for grabs. At least that’s how it is perceived by men in this patriarchal society where in real life women cover themselves up from head to toe and their sexuality is fiercely guarded by the family and the society and any indulgence in sexual exploration by women themselves is nipped in the bud.A society where women do not have the freedom to choose their life partners or career or the clothes they would like to wear , in such a society, such a powerful medium is being used to reduce women to objects. And then there are the female actors like Deepika Padukone , Priyanka Chopra  Kareena Kapoor who call themselves  mascots of women power and at the drop of the hat ,shed their clothes like leaves knowing fully well that sexual violence in this country against women is on an all time high, where day in and day out women are being raped and murdered ,this kind of portrayal is adding fuel to the fire. Instead of raising such issues in films and trying to create a more gender neutral society such women reinforce the patriarchal ideas of women being either slaves or objects who can be bought and sold at will.As if women and their bodies were meant to serve men and their sexual perverseness only.


Cinema  too is an art form but seeing the way things are in Bollywood it seems only making money is what drives this industry even if it is at the cost of the society  and more so at the cost of women!



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