#My Choice


It is amazing to see how much Indian men and women especially men have been enraged by a video which talks about an individual’s choice and in the Indian context the choice of a woman as they are the ones who have been kept away from decision making for long.

When a woman just even talks about adultery, pre martial sex, not marrying, not carrying the husband’s name  or just her wish to lead her life in the manner she perceives is right, everyone snaps! Suddenly everyone remembers Indian culture and values which of course means to them that  a woman is  supposed to be pure(meaning virgin) and self sacrificing for ever ones  else’s good.

First of all is is just a video. Secondly it talks about choice so it inherently implies if you don’t like it don’t watch & don’t propagate it. Thirdly every time an individual asserts her choice, please do away with gender stereotyped expectations of supposedly how a woman is suppose to behave or live. And yes, you too have the freedom of expression and you too have a right to criticize, disagree and not conform to someone’s view. But do argue your point with some logic rather than just rattling out hypo critic misinterpretations of culture and ill informed facts about religion and misogynist view points or just plain hurling abuses once again in the name of mothers and sisters as if men don’t have any respect and every time someone needs to be abused it has to be in the name of a female. Finally stop judging people on the basis of gender, after all we are all human beings.

And yes as a nation we have bigger problems. Rapes, honour killing, dowry murders, unemployment, poverty and population to name a few , so the need is to concentrate on them not on what Deeepika Padukone says!


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