Extinction of Rape



So first we banned India’s Daughter, then we are still letting Nirbhaya’s rapist and killers live(Death Penalty stayed) and now again the open season for rape .Now its a 70 something Nun who has been subjected to this abject horror.Still people believe that RAPE is  a sex crime which is the product of a diseased deranged mind.

There is more to this story, Suzette Jordan who was branded as the park street rape victim  was victimized for coming out in the open when she should have just stayed indoors and cursed her life, she had the audacity to first report the crime then fight for justice imagine being a woman she was acting so aggressive and on top of it she had no shame she just revealed her identity . What shame should a woman have, when her undergarments are paraded in the open court as evidence? What shame shall a woman have when her testimony is being challenged by the chief minister  of the state which is also a woman? Behaving like this with anyone leave alone a woman is the product of a diseased deranged mind.Instead of shaming the rapists the survivor is being targeted.Amazing stuff!


But the fact of the matter is all these incidents throw up some very important question and until and unless we find answers to them ,we cant stop this Rape epidemic of monstrous proportions. The first would be why do men rape?

Firstly, rape has a history.Like humans discovered fire , the human male discovered that he can rape.This would have happened when man first domesticated animals and started to forcefully impregnate the female cattle . It was then that the human male discovered that his genitalia could serve as a weapon to generate fear.And this deployment of the penis as a weapon was one of the most important discoveries of pre -historic times.

This also answers the historic question of the subjugation of women by men as the female fear of an open season of rape and not a natural inclination towards monogamy, motherhood or love was the single most important key to her historic dependence and domestication by protective mating.Disappointed and disillusioned by the inherent female incapacity to protect she became estranged in a very real sense from the other females- a problem that haunts women organisations even today.

So men rape because they can rape and rape gives them a sense of power even if it is for a small duration. The sex the lust or the frustration is just a cover for the basic human need to have power to have control over the other and that is the reason that even till today in wars rape is used a weapon of mass destruction of the enemy’s morale with the added benefit of procreation of a new race which in turn weakens the ethnic stronghold of the enemy.

So the million dollar question is how do we stop RAPE, we cannot afford to have RAPE coexisting with us . We have to make RAPE extinct.And for that we have to teach men and young boys not to rape, rather than preaching women to not get RAPED!


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