It’s Just Blood,Period.


The difficulty in accepting that women menstruate is slowly becoming one of the Grand Canyon difficulties we humans face in these times. Why can we just not fathom that women menstruate and every month a cup of blood comes out of their bodies.Blood in war is acceptable to us, blood in operation is also acceptable to us so then what is the big deal about menstrual blood which either arises disgust or shame in people.Some even term this blood as impure and dirty and in India women are mostly discarded at such a time and many a times women themselves adhere to this view.Not going to the temple, not touching pickle, not washing hair and what not.Wrapping sanitary napkins in brown paper and behaving like James Bond every time a used napkin has to be discarded or new napkins have to be bought or believing and propagating that tampons are a device to rob virginity of unmarried girls(on the presumption that unmarried girls are virgins) is the hypocrisy. And then comes the irony- this very society ridicules a female as barren all her life if she can’t bear children.( If you hate that blood so much then how come you like what it makes?)


Then the question that arises is, what is so dirty or special about this blood, this menstrual blood?- that it is female blood and that’s why its dirty! It is actually beyond logic since we all know that there is nothing like male- blood or female -blood .On top of it Science has already proven that menstrual blood is not bad or dirty or even infectious. In fact it is the raw material for babies , then why all this shenanigans around it.

As far as history of mankind goes, women were worshiped as Mother Goddesses in almost all ancient cultures because of the very reason that they could create another human being and at that time like other mysteries this too was a mystery and hence the female entity as such was considered divine like the other forces of nature ,the Sun or the Fire and therefore worshiped.

But now at least we can rationalize all this and accept once and for all that menstruation is normal for the female being and is not a disease , not a curse, not bad , not dirty and definitely not a handicap as some men put it especially when women want to serve in professions like military. And its high time we started showing the ” uterus releasing egg” video to boys too rather than just ostracizing girls.Why should women be time and again penalized for something which is as normal and natural to the female body as breathing?


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