A License to Rape!!!



Well well well what should I say, this time they have outdone themselves. How can on the pretext of saving marriages, millions of human life are being put on the line.Is this not the violation of the basic human right of life ,liberty and security?Or just maybe because these lives do not matter much after all they are lives of women and killing women is no big deal in this country ,already we have killed 50 million in just the last decade, Practice makes us perfect!

The men’s right groups say martial rape law will be misused just like the dowry law. Newsflash for all these people ,any law I repeat, any law can be misused and in our so corrupt country it is a cake walk. And speaking of karmic justice when these men get married they want hefty dowries(huge sums of money) because they have an awesome job and when these guys try to leave their wives , they are charged with anti- dowry & cruelty laws.Please note, women are not things that you bring from the market ,play and then throw.Choose a good person to get married to ,do not get married to dowries!

The Indian Law says having sex with a woman without consent is Rape, even sex with wife during separation is Rape by husband so why sex without consent is not Rape. Just because it is the husband and with the marriage license comes the license to Rape a woman. Or that men are entitled to sex and to quench this basic need they have to get married? And women are sex providers who choose by getting married to be raped by one man rather than the whole lot?


So the next time a man rapes a woman he will simply get married to her and will not get prosecuted and then will leave her and rape again and get married again, the same cycle continues, Awesome!
Or maybe I should put it like this come to incredible India- Rape-Marry or Marry -Rape and live happily ever after.

But what about women? They are left with few choices like not getting married at all, just imagine this happening , then what will happen to all the family saving school of thought.Or maybe some women will do this:


All this seems man hating but let me remind that all men are not rapists but all rapist are men and rape is not just physical. Every human has the right to live with dignity and no law , no country , no system should be able to rob that from an individual whether man or woman. No woman chooses to be born as a woman , no woman chooses to get raped but a man makes a choice when he rapes , do not be that man , do not make that choice.


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