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And Indian Women Revolution Movement just turned a year old. A big thank you to all my readers from all over the world. Without your love , support and overwhelming response this would not have been possible.So as a gesture of gratitude I am posting the names of all the countries from where my readers belong.

India,USA, United Kingdom, France , Germany Australia, Canada , Belgium,Singapore,Malaysia,Mexico,Spain,Brazil,Turkey,Russia,European Union, Tunisia,Romania,Cyprus,Peru,Slovenia,Norway, Taiwan,Philippines,South Africa,Pakistan,Ireland,Argentina,Poland,Bangladesh,Italy,Slovakia,Israel,Greece, Croatia,Austria,Bulgaria,Kenya,Indonesia,Solomon Islands,Sweden, HongKong SAR China, Ukraine,Vietnam,Kazakhstan,Denmark,Portugal,New Zeal and,Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Maldives,Colombia,China,Switzerland,Dominican Republic, Reunion,Albania,Latvia,Morocco,Netherlands,South Korea, Tanzania,Sri Lanka,Bahrain.

blogging_quote By being part of this blog you are not only engaging in this conversation of equality but are also contributing to the cause of Indian women .  Would love to have your feedback and if you do like this blog then don’t forget to like this Facebook page- An online campaign for our overdue revolution!

P.S.-The Top Four Posts of this Blog:

1.Rape,dowry ,foeticide: Modern times Holocaust of the Indian women- part 1&2

2.Project SPEAK/Project BOLO

3.One is not born a woman but becomes one!

4.Dear Facebook and Apple what is wrong with you?


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