#Despite/Respite from Being A Woman



In this “no country for women” era happening in India right now everything seems to be utterly obnoxious. Give us women respite from being a woman for a day ,an hour ,a moment, give us respite from two finger tests,  constant surveillance of our lives and morals and a society which refuses to treat us as humans.
What is being tested ,our patience, our endurance or the heights of idiosyncrasies of a patriarchal society.
Two finger test for the rape victims, what has the elasticity of the vagina to do with Rape? And what about the rapists,  are they being subjected to, ball crushing or simply bobitising  .
Going on a world tour on the tax payers money of a poor country is not cool. And even worse is hopping into the neighborhood and questioning your equal there and her sensibilities and trying to derive a new theory between terrorism and gender.
Maybe it was a mistake , a grammatical mistake or shortage of vocabulary or simply incorrect sentence structure  this time but what about all the other times, what about ” The Survivors Speak”?(Report on Gujarat Riots).Stop classifying us on the basis of race, class,caste& gender. We are not sheep. We understand you divide  to rule.





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