The Dictatorship of the Bra!







Oh what wonderful piece of creation,

Oh what shit of an invention,

You keep me from sagging.

You keep me from popping out.

You hide me when my tip is erect.

You even enhance me when I feel, oh so small.

You act as the first line of defense between me and the so dreadful world.

You even are a handful when some pervert tries to grab a ball.

You have kept me safe from those piercing eyes.

I am tucked away like a baby in your arms but wait,

Why it is mandatory for all women to wear you?

Are you from the Nazi regime?

And why are women judged on the size of two balls?

And trouble is everywhere,

Even when you  have me even when you do not.

No ,you do not give me a good shape, I am naturally round.

No, I do not sag because I am getting old but because I am suppose to.

Its called gravity duh…..

Well all this fuss about mammary glands.

And oh men, yes men.

You get attracted to me because that’s what you kept clinging too when you were born

To your mamma’s

And now you are grown up so stop trying to cling to each and everyone of us.

No, it is not funny!

Wearing a damn cover all your life.

Hiding behind as if I was an outlaw!

Suffering, suffocating.

Just imagine all your life if you have to stay in a Burqa!

And you guessed it right ,my breast just told me it was choking on this globally sanctioned unwritten dictatorship of the bra!

It is claustrophobic in here, let me out!



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