The Whimsical Female Egg!



A world where I can take birth.
And I will not be killed in the womb,
Or dumped into a dumpster ,
Or just thrown like that on the pile of waste on the road,
Where my limbs will be pulled by street dogs,
Or I would be given salt to burn my intestines,
Or buried alive,
Or put on a shelf to roll and die.
Give me a house, where I can also eat what my brother eats and not his leftovers.
Where I can also play and go to school and am not forced into labor when I should study.
Where I can also drink milk and become strong like my brother.
Where I can also play cricket and football.
Where I can also play with cars and dolls and guns.
Where I am not forced to hide under walls and clothes and traditions.
Where I can ride the big cycle and feel the sun and dance in the rain.
Where I can dream to be an astronaut, a pilot, an engineer.
Where I can play as long as I want,
And go as far as I can,
And swim in as many ponds as there are.
Where I am not kidnapped and abused and raped and killed and burnt.
Where my father and brother are not my destroyers who do not fight me but with me.
Where I can dream, I fly and I wonder.
To such a place, such a home ,such a world,
I wish to be born.
Otherwise Mother ,I refuse to be born.
I am happy the way I am.
I just may remain ,an egg.
And one day I will be flushed out of your body as blood.
But till then at least,
I will have my dream, my hope, my fantasy.
Of such a world where I wish to be born!


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