Paris Bleeds!


Paris bleeds.
So did Beirut,
New York,
And so did freedom.
Humanity weeps,
Mankind is reduced to the rubble’simages1 of helplessness.
If only humanity could speak,
It would have told you how much it hurt.
Every time you decide to butcher it with your guns & bombs whilst pieces of flesh fly in the air.
How much it has bled for your fanaticism!
If only humanity could fight back,
You would have known how it felt to be plucked out of your life without any notice and flung into a body bag.
Whose side are you on?
Which God is this you claim to worship?
What religion is this butchery?
It’s time for a dialogue between terror and humanity.
This religion of yours,
This religion of hatred,
Shamelessly stands today,
While humanity bleeds.
And so does the heart,
Blood trickles down from the eyes.
This city of love has been emptied today,
With bullets of hatred.
As Paris bleeds,
And Paris bleeds,
Paris bleeds!


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