Its time we all became Nirbhayas!





I know many will not even bother to read this just thinking it as another piece of junk on Nirbhaya. But I do not want you to read it either, I want you to understand and feel and do something about it. Let it not become just another story ,another event in history but lets make Nirbhaya a force to reckon with .It is time that each and every woman of this country should feel  violated and outraged by this very attitude of our legal system , our society and our mindset as a nation. It is time we all became Nirbhayas!

It is indeed sad that I have to blog again and again and again about Rape.And even worse is to know that Nirbhaya’s rapist is still roaming freely today as I write this piece, still it is the same chilly month of December. Denying a fact to uphold a law ,I am completely dumbfounded at India’s legal system!

How can a fact so staring in your face be just washed away in the name of some stupid law?

How can a person be treated as a kid when he has raped a woman and on top of it killed her so brutally?

What is wrong with us  as a society,that we do not recognize this heinous crime?

Is it merely rape that they did or  actually they murdered Jyoti Singh Pandey aka Nirbhaya in cold blood?

How can the women of this country be safe knowing that Nirbhaya’s rapist is alive and well?

And as if all this was not enough that monster of a human is being rehabilitated, really is that monster , the one who needs rehabilitation?

And all this while his face was covered , what are we trying to do ?

Covering up the identity of a rapist and letting him roam freely.

Wow !what a country, what a legal system? I think our legal system is the one who is juvenile.

This is indeed,No country for women!


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