One is not born a “Queen” but becomes one!


Every time I watch the movie “Queen”,something resonates within me . It is difficult being a woman in a country which still glorifies its culture to a extent that it starts choking women like me who are independent,have a functional brain and cannot follow blindly what has been forever.

There is something about Queen maybe the fact that all is lost for her and she begins again from scratch, rebuilding her life piece by piece.Something which is a hardened fact of life for me,whether I like it or not I have to live with it.

It is not easy to take when everything you worked for ,just vanishes in a second.To be jilted in love and life is heartbreaking.  After which being normal is also a big struggle. Getting out of your bed and following a normal routine is a Herculean task. All you can think about is the pointlessness of it all.

It does throw you into a loop of  questioning the purpose of everything and in this process of great churning within,brings about a total chaos of which you cannot make head or tail.And the only thing that keeps you sane is your family and friends, if you really have true friends which again is a rare species in today’s time.

When we are running the race of the world and when supposedly everything is going fine we hardly pay any heed to anything real.It is only when we are hit by a personal tragedy of meteor sorts, that we start looking for real things and  real people . And though in pain, we are in our truest form.

When the love of my life butchered me in my gut and showed me how unimportant and dispensable I was for him and how in a moment anyone can become a stranger,it was that point in my life when Enlightenment dawned upon me and suddenly I had this ability to know the real truths of life.

Money,fame,beauty,an awesome car or even the biggest sea- side facing villa is not going to bring happiness to me or anyone.It is only the love of dear ones and true friendship and that power we all have to change other people’s life and bring a smile on their faces, is the key to happiness and this is the sole  reason that will keep you alive in a long cold dreaded season of life , the way it did for me.

And made me realize that I am the queen of my life and so are you!



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