Brave , the new Beautiful


“Teach girls to be brave not beautiful.

It’s not important how you look but what you are.

It’s ok to have messy hair & uneven eyebrows & not look picture perfect but it’s not ok to be mean & weak.

It’s ok to be fat & short but it’s not ok to be jealous of your kind & not stand for your own race.

Let brave be the new beautiful!

As it is,

What is more beautiful than the sight of a     brave woman?

Let go off the “damsel in distress “& let the Amazonian in us be awakened!

Men don’t wear makeup still no one seems to notice so why is it that the first thing we see about a woman is her appearance.What clothes she is wearing , what kind of hair she has , has she put makeup or not and if so why it is so loud & only the barely there category is applauded? How good her so called assets are and if they are big then that’s not so cool and if they are not then she should have worn padded bras atleast.If she is tall then why there was a need for her to wear heels and if she is short then how can she roam in flats, just look at her , her figure looks so awful. And the worst part is that most of this comes from women.

 Women need to wake up from this eternal dream of beauty and  break this box  in which the society has put them in and rather be brave and stand for themselves and other women, which I feel is very much lacking even in the most developed parts of the world .

What will happen if you don’t have red lips or slim legs or outlined eyes? Nothing.

In the same manner that nothing happens with all these things, women are still treated the same as eye candy , an object of desire, weak , meek  & at times as burden in some cultures.

The liberation of women seems to be an overtly romanticised idea in some Victorian novel till the time women unite and break all those shackles which are keeping them from realising their full potentials as strong capable self -sufficient individuals. And the most important thing is to stand for yourself and stand for your fellow women, only then can we become a force to reckon with otherwise individually we all will have the same fate as a single stick which will be broken sooner or later.

So “Let brave be the new beautiful!”


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