How to Bring a Woman Down?


So we have a world full of fantastic women. Successful highly motivated ,driven individuals.Astronauts,Deep sea divers,Volcanist,Car mechanics,Adventure bikers ,War journalist,Wildlife Photographers ,Fighter Pilots and what not.

But what it takes to bring a woman down even today is the same old archaic things

A woman aware of her sexuality-men who won’t get her will say -oh she is just a whore!And women will proclaim -oh she is just a bitch!

A woman who is child free-Well people will say she is selfish and women ll call her barren:/

A woman who is too good at her job- She doesn’t even have a family  no responsibility that’s why , otherwise she would have been just like all of us -sheep;)

A woman who does not want to get married-well first of all it’s rare especially in here, in India where marriage happens to be the ultimate goal of any woman’s life ,it’s like getting an Oscar ,of course it is bought with a huge penalty cheque named dowry !Yes it’s 2016 and yes ,men still take money to get married to women in our country.

So such women who don’t confirm to this business deal are considered a burden on their families.😜Imagine not wanting to marry a stranger and not wanting to give money to a stranger makes one a burden!!!

And how wonderful it is to leave behind everything you know and love for starting a new life with your husband ,supposedly it is wonderful but practically it’s like relocating to Mars😱

And if you refuse to go to Mars and worse if you don’t pretend to like it then woman you will be termed a home breaker – hey woman how dare you turn down such a once in a life time offer to live with a house full of strangers ,after all you have married one-(The Walking Dead)Tv season that comes to mind😛

Now you have put on weight woman , huge pounds all at once so now you are out of competition of the “young and the beautiful”.Its imperative for a woman to be these two things all her life ,otherwise her existence is pointless.Because it does not matter how many lines you pack in your grey matter ,your face and body should be wrinkle free , even laugh lines are not allowed , as if they were faultline and for that even if you have too iron them for whatever sakes:(

And yes women putting on weight is directly proportional to the increase in income of the beauty industry so women becoming fat is actually good for a country’s economy.Imagine the amount of money being thrown at slimming creams and clinics . The endless lines in the parlour for getting your hair done and the right make – up for special occasions and then the tricks and hacks to make your face appear slimmer and your butt size smaller and your Breast size bigger and the list of the endless un achieved perfection of beauty directly inspired and powered by Cleopatra’s grave😝

And if a woman somehow escapes all of this then simply say -That you are too aggressive , too ambitious, too open ,too loud , too intelligent, too whatever whatever whatever to be a woman!

Yes even your sex will not be spared .Because  it is not enough to be born with a vagina to be a woman (but it is enough to be born with a penis to be a man).


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