#Like a Girl,Patriarchy smashed in the face by Shakshi,Sindhu & Dipa!


While the whole nation of 1.25 billion was busy worshipping the gods of Cricket and when most of the men& boys were away playing cricket in all the gullies & mohallas & drive ways & all the public parks and in turn capturing all the public places and excluding women from it  & when all the “Ladla betas” were busy becoming Doctors and Engineers and IAS ‘s with their studies ,power charged with huge donations and their careers ,nitro charged with hefty dowries ,few gusty women were churning their blood and sweat and turning into world class athletes . While supposedly in our country sports being the “male bastion” ,it is kind of ironic that all the Olympians of this so called cultured nation were two women this year who were ridiculed because of this same very culture for practising sports and targeted for getting coached by men till they won and now everyone is  seeming so thankful to them for saving  our face.

Well done patriarchy but this time you got it in your face because I can imagine that being a woman in a country where females are killed even before they are born , taking birth in itself is an achievement .And to top it all to sustain in such a biased environment and follow one’s dream and live one’s life on one’s term is no short of winning a Nobel prize and here we have three women who not only did all of this but went on to become Olympians is nothing short of a miracle.

And when women were doing miracles ,I suppose our men were playing cricket somewhere .

The nation needs more of such women  and kudos to Shakshi & Sindhu for being the inspiration that you both are and  for winning medals #Like a Girl. And Dipa who placed us  on the world map of Gymnastics with her “Pudnukowas” #Like a Girl 

This  time it was not

 “Beti bachao , Beti Padhao” 


“Beti ne bachaya , Beti ne sikhaya ”


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