God ain’t a Woman!


In a country like India where religion is a very very sensitive issue as most of the people are religious ,even a slight criticism of religion brings out rage in people. Still keeping all that aside today it is pertinent to voice this ,that religion has been doing  great disservice to women for a very long time and the proof to that lies in religion itself.

As religion has treated women less than a man always and every time .The current controversy surrounding Triple Talaq is one of the glaring examples of the discriminatory attitude of religion towards women. 

The baton carriers of religion and in this case “Islam “argue that women are less capable of rational decision making and hence the power to divorce should and has rested with men . Also getting divorced is much better than being murdered and if multiple marriages are not permitted than it will cause more illegal relationships .

The problem with these arguments is that they force the idea  that men are entitled to women and even if they commit crimes against women or make and break relations at their will without any sense of responsibility it is perfectly fine .All these arguments and religious philosophies serve men. What about women ? Here it is clearly seen that such laws merely not only treat women less than men but clearly refuse to recognise them as a human being also. Why does “Islam “not give women the right to give Triple Talaq ?

And more so it is beyond comprehension  that even today why “Islam “which claims to be a very logical religion does not let women pray in mosques?

If mosques are the places where one can be close to “Allah “then why those who create life on earth have been denied access to those very places where one meets her own creator. Going by logic it seems more appropriate for a woman to have access to such a place  first than to a man because the power to create has been given down to a woman and not to a man.

Then the whole controversies surrounding the Sabrimala temple and Haji Ali.Once again complete anhiliation of women human rights in the name of religion.Women bleed which is as natural as breathing to the female body and that too is held against them for centuries to an extent that even today women see themselves as impure.

The arguments of Haji Ali represntatives that when women bend to pray they show their breasts distracting innocent men so they should not be let inside.As according to them having breasts is so unreligious and according to Sabrimala Temple representatives to bleed is so unreligious . In fact to be a woman is so unreligious but still it is amazing to see millions of women thronging temples ,churches and mazars . 

So women need to understand that this version of religion they are following ,first of all has been written by men so that needs to be changed if at all they have to practice it.

Secondly the purpose of religion was to discipline barbaric people but the version of religion today is dehumanising , so that  needs to be changed too.

Be it any religion ,in its current form ,religion is doing great disservice to women as a race by treating them less than equal to men and propagating false ideas of supremacy of men and there by subjugating women  and in turn pushing back women to dark ages from which coming out was so very difficult and took the sacrifice of so many brave women.

Let’s not go back but  let’s change the narrative , let’s rewrite 



Rights ….. Women Human Rights.


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