If God was a Woman!


If God was a woman Then in the womb “she” would not have been killed,

Then in homes, schools , market places, roads, malls “she “would not have been raped,

Then in red lehengas ,yellow sarees “she “would not have been burnt,

Then in parks , colleges ,buses ,offices “she “would not have been molested,

Then while going out “she “would not have been stalked,

Then”she “would not have been terrified of black alleys ,

Then “she “would not have had her face burnt and deformed by acid,

Then “she ” would not have been forced inside a Bur qua,

Then “she “would not have suffered in silence,

Then “she “would not have been suffering from double-triple burden,

Then “she “would not have raised her child alone,

Then “she “would not have been admonished for giving birth before marriage,

Then “she “would not have been abandoned for not giving birth,

Then “she “would not have been denied food ,education and equal rights,

Then “she “would not have been beaten blue and black by her husband,

Then “she “would not have been burnt as a witch,

Then “she “would not have been sold again and again like a thing,

Then “she “would not have been reduced to a womb factory,

Then “she “would not have been eye candy,

“She “would have known better ,been better ,

But “She ” is no woman,

God ain’t a woman!


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