Bangalore’s Dangal!


Well well well here they did it again!

Playing the swadeshi version of “Taharrush” as we have a strong dislike for anything foreign  as a country because even the mass sexual assault and yes ,that was assault  and not molestation or eve- teasing as  the Indian media and authorities like to always take away the sting from such crimes, has been once again appropriated to women’s clothes and that too western.

Potent questions such as what were the women doing there on the road was asked , why they had to wear western outfits which lure criminal instinct in Indian males? 

My question is also why?

Why always when a crime is committed against a woman, why she is blamed? 

Common ,she is the victim here!

And women common ,it is high time that you start defending yourself and other women.Do you really think the police or this Maa-Behen-Beti government will save you, they did not even register a case till now, when they have all the CCTV footage in the world!

This is a country for no women and as a woman we all have to now defend ourselves and our fellow women, we all need to unite.

Unfortunately the place changes , the name changes but shamelessness reeks out of our Indian men.

On one hand there is the  movie “Dangal ” on women empowerment ,breaking all records and on the other  is “Bangalore ‘s Dangal”creating new records of sexual assaults.

This is the Wild Wild East !!!


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