Haramkhor Review


Haramkhor is an odd movie with a very strange purpose .It leaves you thinking.

There are no sides taken. Nothing is good or bad , complete gray shades of human beings.

And yes ,the underlying theme is adolescent  girl students sexual and emotional abuse by man of older age who is also her teacher.

When we all were in school ,we had that one crush on that one teacher.And in here it’s the same ,the only difference being the teacher also gets intrested in his girl  students.

As far as performances are concerned once again Nawazudin has effortlessly slipped into the skin of the character.And one thing which makes this actor great is that he is never intimidating, never larger than life still creating an impact on the mind of the viewer.

Of course , as an audience I am fed up of close up shots of actors who manipulate the medium to present something they are not!

And Nawazudin is nothing like that and that is very refreshing.

Also the girl being played by Shweta Tirpathi is very interesting as not even once you feel that the actor is not 15 years old and that is a great achievement as an actor .

What is most exciting about this film is the comic interludes of the two male students who keep on chasing the girl and in the course of it , keep on hating the teacher. Their childishness is captivating taking us all back to our childhoods.

And then is the master stroke , the end of the movie , how something ordinary leads to something so extraordinary and that is not very nice but upsetting but to know it you will have to watch it.

No spoilers!!!


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