In the name of Honour, refuse to be Tandoori Chicken!


Honour is not just a word in India, it is the reality of many and that many too are from one gender.

Honour is one of the major obstacles being faced by Indian women.

In the name of honour women and girls in India suffer through out their lives.

Every action they do or every mistake they make is associated with honour especially if they decide to choose their life partner or if they are sexually assaulted .

So strong is the ethos of honour that a woman chooses death over assault as was the case of “Rani Padmini “who is revered for jumping in the fire as her husband lost the battle and died ,than falling into the hands of “Alaudin Khilji “who supposedly was so struck by her beauty that he waged a war ,to make her his queen.

As a fable it is fine though highly misogynistic tale but to believe that every woman of this country will do the same is preposterous .

Any sensible person would rather be assaulted than die because life is precious then why do when it is about women such nonesensical ideas come about?

Honour killings are not about honour but about Braminical patriarchy which first divides in the name of caste and then in the name of gender.

How can honour be associated with vaginas?

Why the words Bra and panty invoke shame but cuss words of fucking mother and sister are macho?

Why a choice of a girl for her life partner threatens the whole society ,when actually caste is the biggest curse of our nation?

Why we can go slapping people for interpreting the story of “Rani Padmini” differently but cases of rape and mass molestations do not offend us?

Why everything to do with women is questioned and super analysed so much?

Why cannot we just breathe and forget for once whether we are man or woman and just remember we are all humans.

As a woman I am so fed up of being a woman.I wish I could just be a human and I wish our society became gender less as gender has done more harm than good to women.

P.S.: In the name of honour or in any name whatsoever ,I refuse to be Tandoori Chicken!


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