Only 12 % out of India’s 355 million women use napkins.Sanitary products are still classified as luxury items.23% girls drop out from school on reaching menarche.
Other effects of no menstrual facilities are:-
Lack of participation of women at workplace.
Increased rates of reproductive tract infections and cervical cancer.
The first step towards empowering woman and giving the freedom from the menstrual handicap would be abolishing the tax on menstrual products and bringing them under”Essential commodities act “.
Secondly environment friendly sanitary napkins should be placed in all public places in vending machines.
Also one very important aspect is that of the manufacture of environment friendly sanitary napkins still remains an untapped market and millions of women can be provided employment by setting up manufacturing units at every level in cities, towns and villages.
Not only shall it empower women and maintain their health but it shall also bring about economic empowerment in Indian women which has been a distant dream till now for the policy makers as well as the women of our country.
This will bring about a social revolution which will further bridge the gap of gender inequality.
Stop this #LahukaLagaan#stoptaxingmyperiods
P.S-Women already suffer from periods now don’t make them suffer for bleeding, it is not voluntary!


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