Teach girls to be brave not beautiful!


In today’s scenario when violence against women is on an all time high , when “Jyoti Singh” aka Nirbhaya is being made at every nook and corner of the country, it is pertinent to teach our girls to be brave and not beautiful as all this Cindrella dresses are not going to save the from the atrocities which will be meted out to them by the powerful .

When the “Prince Charming” would turn out to be a monster and when everyone of us will not have happy endings aka lived happily ever after then the brave in our souls will be are only resort .

Everywhere I see around me , I see young girls being brainwashed into thinking that being beautiful at any cost is the paramount of their lives and being married to a wonderful man is the ultimate of their lives, which is so far removed from the harsh truth of life . 

So it is important to set forth right and relevant role models like the “Amazonian women warriors” or the new icon “Wonder Woman ” to tell women that they are strong and they should depend on themselves.


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