Bikebaaz Bikerni


In this no country for women, in small -small patches not only women are revolting but also are slowly learning to enjoy their being and are shedding the age old tag of the weak and helpless.

From 2011 onwards there has been a rapid rise in women biker clubs in India which goes to show how women are dismantling  the male bastion of bike riding as even today 90 percent of the bike riders are male. Bikers clubs like “Bikerni”, “The Riderni”,”Lady Bikers”,”Hopongurlz”,”Lady bikers of India”,”Bengal lady bikers”,”Regals”,”Biking queens”,”Biker babes”are doing a awesome job by providing women a platform for bike expeditions and a place where other women can learn and teach riding bikes.It will also go a long way in building unity in women.Not to forget that some of these clubs are spreading awareness on women’s issues proving that they are not just rebels but rebels with a cause.

Riding a bike not only gives women the confidence but also enhances their self-image. Also since the societal pressure on women’s life is immense in our country , riding a bike makes a woman less bothered as to what others think about them.It also adds to the list of things a woman can do as supposedly against the gender stereotypes of women being physically weaker than men.And finally riding a bike liberates a woman as everything loses the ability to scare.

What is more powerful then a self assured woman who doesn’t not flinch in the face of adversity!


The Case of The Wayward Indian Wife!                                 #A Letter To Her


The Case of The Wayward Indian Wife!#A Letter To Her

Note:Domestic violence in India is an institutionalised form of violence which has the approval from the society and is inherent in the name of culture especially if it is directed towards woman as it is seen as a tool to control the wayward wife and in some cases the daughter too.

To the Wayward Indian Wife,

Let me tell you a story.A story of a woman from womb to tomb.In our land ,being a female ,if you have been given the opportunity to take birth than you should know you are lucky and blessed because many of your sisters in arms were not even allowed to take birth ,yes 50 million of them are missing ,so you can say you are in a million.

And if you have been schooled and sent to college and have been given an education ,you should once again feel very lucky and blessed ,as you belong to 64.6% of the 500 million female population of this country which is literate.

And of course ,you have to get married because you cannot remain a burden on your parents and you should be happy that your parents have provided you with a husband and a home, with a promise that only one man would ever touch you , that’s all you have to bear if at all this be the problem.

But you thankless , unreasonable woman , you still complain that your husband demanded pleasure from you. You were asked to cook and clean for him . You were to bear his children. What if sometimes in the rage of anger or the influence of alcohol or influence of some words from his folks he just slapped you . So what even parents slap children at times . What’s the big deal , it was for your good because you were being unreasonable not listening to him. After all he does so much for you . He keeps you, feeds you but you still complain. You are a grown woman one slap or two slaps or kicks and fists are not going to kill you . So don’t create a scene . He is a man and men are entitled to anger and violence . He needs to hit to feel like a man. So please don’t make it a big deal.You are a woman and such feats of anger does not suit you ,so my dear wayward Indian wife , open your eyes and stop complaining after all he is your ” Parameshwar” your God and how can you question or disobey your God . Let him decide what you will eat , what you will wear , when or not will you meet your parents, how much money you would get for running the house or how many male children would you have, Let your God decide and yes you should worship the people who brought this God on earth for you,your in-laws.

Otherwise picture yourself , lying in some hospital with a swollen face and broken ribs!

Meena Kandaswamy’s book “When I Hit You” is an essential read in today’s time because we still picture the victim of domestic violence as some docile weak woman when even strong independent women are also victims of such violence, a kind of a myth which need to be busted like many myths and stereotypes surrounding women.

I am Three!!!

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Teach girls to be brave not beautiful!


In today’s scenario when violence against women is on an all time high , when “Jyoti Singh” aka Nirbhaya is being made at every nook and corner of the country, it is pertinent to teach our girls to be brave and not beautiful as all this Cindrella dresses are not going to save the from the atrocities which will be meted out to them by the powerful .

When the “Prince Charming” would turn out to be a monster and when everyone of us will not have happy endings aka lived happily ever after then the brave in our souls will be are only resort .

Everywhere I see around me , I see young girls being brainwashed into thinking that being beautiful at any cost is the paramount of their lives and being married to a wonderful man is the ultimate of their lives, which is so far removed from the harsh truth of life . 

So it is important to set forth right and relevant role models like the “Amazonian women warriors” or the new icon “Wonder Woman ” to tell women that they are strong and they should depend on themselves.